Crossroads General Store, North Carolina, 1938

By Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange would definitely be my favorite photographer I remember the first time I saw a book of her photography, I felt intensely emotional.

After that I had a desire to tap into what she was tapping into so I said a prayer to God.

Please God I need a talent I need a creative outlet to be able to express myself. And without realizing it I started taking photographs.

I felt immense passion as each new project came and went. I love photography that tells you a story just as it is, no filters no edits no manipulation people and places just as they are untouched by awareness.

More rare these days as everyone has a phone camera and unfortunately like most things that require style and passion this art is getting lost and forgotten .

I take photographs for myself and this gives me all the freedom I need to enjoy the Process and the moments I share with the people I encounter this is the real beauty for me and the magic of the camera  .

Enjoy the Show

My Daughter and Me

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